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Our retailer is the right place for you to buy official merchandise in quite so much of sizes and types. You can both get a t-shirt, a hoodie, a jacket or a figure, stickers,… anything you possibly can think about which could be mixed with our anime/manga series. You’ll discover bits and items of Ghibli’s affect throughout Tokyo. Ghibli Studio is an animation studio situated in Koganei, Tokyo.

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This paper theater of an iconic scene from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” will enthrall all ages. You’ll get a warm welcome every time you stroll via your front door with this “My Neighbor Totoro” mounted coat hook there to greet you. Both fun and useful, it’s a piece of décor all by itself.

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Putting the merch apart, the shop additionally has some interactive decorations. As you walk in, you will notice a recreation of some of the famous “My neighbor Totoro”, during which the little girl is sitting on prime of Totoro’s belly whereas he sleeps. If you press a button, Totoro’s belly will move as if he were truly respiratory, and additionally, you will hear the sounds from the film.

You can get pleasure from devoted recreations of well-known Studio Ghibli movies scenes, interactive displays and unique merchandise retailers. Was it the kawaii culture of Hello Kitty or the ever-evolving Pokémon? For many, the wholesome movies of Studio Ghibli have been the magical doors inviting Totoro, Kiki and different well-known figures of Japanese tradition into children’s minds internationally. Chase after your childhood nostalgia in Japan, the place your whole itinerary can revolve across the elusive animation studio.

“Howl’s Moving Castle” tells a woman named Sophie was cursed and became a ninety year old woman. Sophie left the city alone and entered Howl’s transferring citadel. She progressively discovered the story of the magician’s unknown inside world by getting along with Howl day and evening.

And its most spectacular image is the Moving Castle itself, which takes centre stage on this must-have poster print. The museum looks like a town devoid of any residents, much like the creepy town Chihiro stumbles upon in ‘Spirited Away’. In fact Studio Ghibli Store, it’s believed Hayao Miyazaki visited the museum to reference landscapes used within the movie. Pack a bento and explore one of the 19 hiking trails within the three,500-hectare forest.

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